Month: February 2016


Mountain guide Harry Yount at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, late 1800s

Mountain guide Harry Yount at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, late 1800s.



“Indeed what reason may not goe to Schoole in the wisedome of Bees, Ants and Spiders? What wise hand teacheth them to do what reason cannot teach us? Ruder heads stand amazed at those more prodigious pieces of Nature, Whales, Elephants, Dromidaries, and Camels; these I confess, are the Colossus and Majestick pieces of her hand; but in these narrow engines there is more curious Mathematicks, and the civilitie of these little Citizens, more neatly sets forth the wisedome of their Maker. Who admires not Regio-Montanus his Fly beyond his Eagle, or wonders not more at the operation of two soules in those little bodies, than but one in the truncke of a Cedar?”

~ Thomas Browne, Religio Medici


“We want deliverance. The energetic want only deliverance from difficulties; the feeble, deliverance from sin; the merely neurotic, deliverance from themselves.”

~ Gilbert Seldes, The Stammering Century


“Epicurus says that the wise man can never pass into a contrary state. I have an opinion about the converse of this saying: that anyone who has once been very foolish will never at any other time be very wise.”

~ Montaigne, Essays (‘Of Coaches’)


“The amusement of making Presidents has keen fascination for idle American hands, but these black-arts have the old drawback of all deviltry; – one must serve the spirit one evokes, even though the service were perdition to body and soul.”

~ Henry Adams, ‘The Education of Henry Adams’