“Indeed what reason may not goe to Schoole in the wisedome of Bees, Ants and Spiders? What wise hand teacheth them to do what reason cannot teach us? Ruder heads stand amazed at those more prodigious pieces of Nature, Whales, Elephants, Dromidaries, and Camels; these I confess, are the Colossus and Majestick pieces of her hand; but in these narrow engines there is more curious Mathematicks, and the civilitie of these little Citizens, more neatly sets forth the wisedome of their Maker. Who admires not Regio-Montanus his Fly beyond his Eagle, or wonders not more at the operation of two soules in those little bodies, than but one in the truncke of a Cedar?”

~ Thomas Browne, Religio Medici


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