“Progress is a complex, self-deluding idea… It was perhaps an economic (and therefore immoral) myth to begin with; all its spirituality clotted into the idea of convenience, one of the strangest and tackiest ideas ever conceived by mankind. It may be the most corrupting social idea since that of slavery; and like slavery it is invisible while we are in its midst.”

~ Guy Davenport, Geography of the Imagination


2 thoughts on “174

  1. I can remember living in a small central European coal town and the immediate, almost palpable lack of convenience such an environment provided. Locals attributed it to the fact that their town had failed to keep up with progress, yet somehow they managed to be happy, productive, and generous to a fault.

  2. Making life easier for ourselves certainly doesn’t seem to make us better people.

    I can’t help thinking of the Dead Kennedys album titled “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death.”

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