The Doors of the Year

The final days of the old year and the first days of the new make a magical interlude. The big holidays, with all their obligations, expenses, and stresses, are over. The regularly scheduled life is kept at bay a few days more. You can feel the air gently shift around you as the door of the old year swings shut and the door of the new year opens.

A few photos from the interlude:

Sledding at Mt Hood, Oregon

After seventeen inches of lowland rain in December, the last days of the month were clear and cold. We drove to Mt Hood to sled and explore.

Raven and snowy landscape

In the mountains the gray jays watched us from the fir boughs and the ravens came to investigate.

South Falls at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

The second day of the new year we drove an hour south to hike at Silver Falls State Park.

Hiking down a frosty trail at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

The trail into the canyon grew frosty.

Black and white photo of a fern covered in frost

The ferns and mosses were cloaked in filaments of ice.

Icicles hanging overhead along the trail

The trail became treacherous where frozen streams crossed it, and we passed under curtains of icicles.

Douglas firs at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

We found the sun again back atop the ridge in a fairy forest of Douglas fir and western hemlock.

Bird footprints in the snow

Two or three inches of snow fell at home the next day. The birds left their footprints on the covered porch in the backyard.


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