“Night has a shape, and that shape is a cone… Earth wears night like a wizard’s cap. The wizard’s cap is long and thin and points away from the sun. It is 8,000 miles in diameter at the rim, where it fits snugly on the Earth’s brow. It extends to a vertex 860,000 miles away from the Earth… The Earth spins beneath its cone of night. The Earth orbits the sun and its ruddy shadow cap goes with it, always pointing toward infinity. Under that darkling cap badgers scuttle in ditches, stalking night-crawling slugs and beetles. Bats thrash the air and squeal a high-pitched cry that only children hear. Owls in oaks hoot at the moon. Under that darkling cap go possums, foxes, raccoons, the creatures with the big eyes, glowworms, friar’s lanterns, will-o’-the-wisps.”

~ Chet Raymo, The Soul of the Night


2 thoughts on “83

  1. Hadn’t read this before, but good description – as an amateur astronomer, I notice that while others are watching the sun setting in the west, I am watching the night rising in the east.

    1. That’s a nice image, the night rising. I thought of you while reading the Chet Raymo book. Perhaps it’s something you would enjoy.

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