“Over the Yorkshire Garden winter lies dark; in the autumnal desolation I can think of no more consoling task than to remember the bygone joys of summer. For beautiful things, perhaps, are never quite so perfectly beautiful as when they have passed beyond the untrustworthy criticism of eyesight into the safe guardianship of memory. This is a hard saying; but I fancy I detect a meaning in it. For, into the actual seeing and enjoying of a thing there always enters the personal element of the moment; and, with the personal element, incompleteness. One sees too much, or one is tired, or one is cross and hungry… A thousand different reasons combine to make the visual impression crowded and unsatisfactory; one cannot seize it and incorporate it; the whole thing is too big for us at the time. But distance and absence clarify the view, wipe out the confusing touches, and reduce the chaos to a composition of bare essential lines.”

~ Reginald Farrer, Among the Hills


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