Month: July 2015


“The gods’ presence in the world goes unnoticed by men who do not believe in the gods… Man who is an organic continuation of the Logos thinks he can sever that continuity and exist apart from it.”

~ Heraclitus (trans. Guy Davenport)



“Great systems of thought, profound and skillful works of art, do not perish unless their material vehicle is utterly destroyed. They do not become fossils, because a fossil is lifeless and cannot reproduce itself. But they, whenever they find a mind to receive them, live again in it and make it live more fully.”

~ Gilbert Highet, The Classical Tradition


“Drinking blood, ‘the noblest of the humors,’ was considered an especially potent remedy with many uses, among them dissolving blood clots, protecting a patient from painful spleen or coughing, preventing seizures…or even curing flatulence… Epileptics, eager to drink the warm and fresh poor sinner’s blood, frequently lined up next to the scaffold following a beheading.”

~ Joel F. Harrington, The Faithful Executioner


“Chan Chan suffered a palace surfeit because dead rulers were regarded as divine figures. As with the Inka, the kings’ mummified bodies continued to live opulently in their own homes and could not be displaced; indeed, the mummies were necessary presences at important state occasions. As a result, each new ruler had to build his own palace and acquire the riches necessary to maintain it till the end of time.”

~ Charles Mann, 1491