“It is a received opinion among the Indians, that the geese turn to beavers and the snakes to raccoon; and though Tecaughretanego, who was a wise man, was not fully persuaded that this was true; yet he seemed in some measure to be carried away with this whimsical notion. He said that this pond had always been a plentiful place of beaver. Though he said he knew them to be frequently all killed, (as he thought) yet the next winter they would be as plenty as ever. And as the beaver was an animal that did not travel by land, and there being no water communication, to, or from this pond – how could such a number of beavers get there year after year? But as this pond was also a considerable place for geese, when they came in the fall from the north, and alighted in this pond, they turned beavers, all but the feet, which remained nearly the same.”

~ James Smith, Remarkable Occurrences in the Life and Travels of Col. James Smith


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