“We find our Air consists of thicker and grosser Vapours than the Air of the Moon. So that one of her Inhabitants arriving at the Confines of our World, as soon as he enters our Air will inevitably drown himself, and we shall see him fall dead on the Earth.

“I should rejoyce at a Wreck, said the Countess, as much as my Neighbors on the Coast of Sussex; how pleasant would it be to see ‘em lie scattered on the ground, where we might consider at our ease their extraordinary Figures! But what, said I, if they could swim on the outward surface of our Air, and be as curious to see us, as you are to see them; should they Angle or cast a Net for us, as for so many Fish, would that please you? Why not? said the Countess; For my part I would go into their Nets of mine own accord, were it but for the pleasure to see such strange Fishermen.”

~ Bernard de Fontenelle, A Plurality of Worlds (trans. John Glanvill, 1688)


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