Doors of the old Albina branch library in Portland, Oregon

The old Albina branch library in Portland, Oregon – my photo

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“I wonder if there isn’t a lot of bunkum in higher education? I never found that people who were learned in logarithms and other kinds of poetry were any quicker in washing dishes or darning socks. I’ve done a good deal of reading when I could, and I don’t want to ‘admit impediments’ to the love of books, but I’ve also seen lots of good, practical folk spoiled by too much fine print. Reading sonnets always gives me hiccups, too.”

~ Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels


“Society and the world are like a library where at first glance all seems in order, for the books are arranged according to their shapes and sizes, but where, on closer scrutiny, there is seen to be utter confusion, because there has been no grouping under subject matter, class, or author.”

~ Nicolas Chamfort, Maximes et pensées